The Natures Gentle Touch 3 steps solution for dry hair contains 3 hair care products that is perfect for your hair care routine. The kit contains: Moisture Care Shampoo – Improves damaged hair, aid cell growth and tissue formation. It is formulated to replenish lost moisture into the hair strand for strength and softness. Deep Conditioning Cholesterol – Contains Vitamin E and Vegetable proteins which repairs weak & damaged hair. Also prevents hair breakage. Intensive Leave In Treatment -Restores the PH of your hair, protects it from stretching and breaking during combing and provides instant continuous conditioning treatment for ultimate hair care.

  • Beard Conditioning Balm

    Made from carefully selected nut oils, plant oils and butters to nourish and condition your beard and surrounding skin.

  • Castor Oil Hair and Scalp Creme 180 g

    Natures Gentle Touch Castor Oil Hair & Scalp Crème is a daily scalp conditioner for damaged hair. The treatment combines castor oil, tea tree oil and other herbal extracts to prevent hair breakage and split-ends. It is suitable for all hair textures and very excellent for relaxed, permed, pressed or colour-treated hair. Castor oil is good for hair growth,and good scalp conditioner for damaged black hair.

  • Castor Oil-250ml
    2,000.00 1,500.00

    Castor Oil is great for growth and thickening


    Natures Gentle Touch’s Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Crème is a daily scalp conditioner for normal hair. It’s made from Coconut extracts and other herbal ingredients. It helps to condition the hair and scalp, leaving hair soft and healthy for manageability.

  • Coconut Oil-500ml
    3,500.00 2,000.00

    It is an effective way to improve and repair dry and damaged hair. Coconut Oil also protects and moisturizes the scalp while fostering growth of healthy hair. Also great for moisturizing skin.

  • Conditioning No- Lye Kit Relaxer(Super)

    Natures Gentle Touch Herbal blend No Lye Super kit relaxer gently straightens coarse hair with its ultra-conditioning effects which results in a soft and silky hair.HerbalBlend No-lye Kit Relaxer  is enriched with natural ingredients to give you that soft, silky and stronger hair that you desire. Contents Inside The No-Lye Kit Relaxer (Super) No-Lye Creme Relaxer Liquid Activator Silky Neutralizing Shampoo Deep Conditioning Cholestrol Treatment Revitalising Leave-in Conditioner Also included are : Instruction leaflet, Wooden Spatula and a pair of latex gloves Natural Ingredients in Herbal Blend Ultra Conditioning No-Lye Kit Relaxer (Super) Shea butter, Jojoba seed oil,Wheat germ oil,

  • Eedas atelier Glitters (queen champagne)

    Sparkle to your eyes, face and body

  • Elsaspro 6 Colour eyeshadow palette

    6 different colours eye elsaspro

  • Elsaspro Aqua Eyeliner

    long lasting aqua eyeliner